Please read and tick 'Yes' if you are ready for the list of skills and material/documnet requirments. #1 Registration Prerequisites(digital literacy)

  • Self-Discipline and Self-Motivation: To be successful, you will need to have self-discipline and self-motivation to regularly login to the course, monitor deadlines, and complete your course work regularly.

  • Time Managment: Have you planned enough time? You should expect to spend enough time.

  • Study Space: Create a quiet study space for yourself to read course materials, work on class assignments, and engage in the class dialogue. During this time, you should log-on to your course site to read course content, complete a learning activity, participate in class discussions, or submit an assignment/project work.

#2 Technology Requirements for Online Courses :
  • basic computer skills

  • sending/receiving email

  • sending and receiving attachments via email

  • using a web browser

  • finding resources through search engines

  • downloading and installing software

  • familiarity with using browser plug-ins (e.g. PDF reader, video, audio)

  • using a word processing, presentation software, or other productivity applications

  • experience/familiarity with a variety of file formats such as: .pdf,Doc,ppt, etc

  • familiarity with using document scanners or document scanning apps to convert handwritten work to a PDF file

  • the ability to be self-directed in learning new technology skills (e.g. following a handout, a step-by-step tutorial, online video help, or access to support to learn necessary skills)

#3 Document Requirements
  • Grade 10 & 12 Transcripts and Certificates

  • Results/Points should meet with the minimum requirments


Mr. Hailu Alemu(MBL)


Mr. Minale Tesfa(MSc)


Mr. Tesfahun Yayehyirad(BSc)


Mr. Amare Adamu(BA)



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